June 30, 2014

It won't happen to me. Never.

Textbooks talk about stroke, heart attack, cancer, pelvic organ prolapse, broken bones, intra-cranial bleed, spinal injury, depression etc. So much stuff can go wrong with our bodies. It's another story then if any of above ever happens to any of us at all. Some lucky ones can probably live their lives without a lot going wrong. 

Textbooks can write all they want. Some of them are written by jerks, who never ever fall ill or even break a fingernail. Some others.. I guess they understand little. What I totally hate is that utter crap they write about "patients, who must do this and that etc", but it's not always that crystal clear. There are patients, who feel they have the right to question stuff medical person wants them to do. Provide this specimen and then lay down so we can examine you. Not so fast. Hell yeah, you'll have to question it, if you break a fingernail and they want you to lay down. Uh-oh, surely not because of fingernail. But you get my point. 

My original point was that some of this stuff will hopefully not happen to me, ever. Of course, when they say "been there, done that" they ain't talking about whitewater rafting, but about medical "issues". I can cross cancer off in my bucket list. Pelvic organ prolapse too! Yikes! How on earth did that happen? 
Then I get that good ole textbook out and read, and read and freak out. What the f...k. I'm not having that sorta problem. I'm a superhero. But this, if it's really what they say, grade I-II uterine prolapse, it's got to be fixed. Yesterday. Textbook tells me it's gotta be fixed. I'm not comfortable thinking one day soon grade II becomes grade III and IV and what then. Totally understandable that people want their problems and issues fixed. Lucky that we are not living in Stone Age anymore and fixing and repairing things is often possible. Lucky too that e.g. this prolapse thing can be fixed.
I still think it can't happen to me, but here we are, another day, another dollar. Dollars will no doubt help me in choosing the right person and hospital to treat this and fix it once and for all.

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