June 30, 2014

True bravery

Sometimes people, who you work with, can truly surprise you. It's not just a bunch of flowers kind of surprise, but something more. Huge. Bigger than Mount Everest. One such special person (you know who you are) did more that anyone expected. Probably surprised him/herself too. Incroyable! 
Make no mistake, they say. Well, "some" people apparently thought they could drive this brave person crazy, but he/she put stop into it by saying no to bullying, no to being a coward and no to unreasonable demands. It was "them", who made a mistake by taking it all for granted and wanting more, greedy selfish bullies! One bully in particular was nasty, with appalling vocabulary, abused his/her power and simply had to be stopped. This colleague of mine, one of my favorite persons stepped up and said no more, is one of the bravest persons I have ever known. By doing what she did, she also helped others, who face the same problem at work every day. He/she proved that there are people willing to help those in need, all you need to do is ask.

It was one of "them" bullies, who at the end could not face my brave colleague in one of the meetings, but sent a representative instead. Who's a coward now?! 
The other one of "them" suddenly could not look anyone in the eye and sat behind the desk all dark and depressed, guilt shining through every action and word. Yeah, what goes around comes around.
If you are being bullies, do what needs to be done. Speak up and say something. Talk to someone, who can help. No one needs to be a victim of such bullies anymore and by "just doing it" as Nike advert says, you are no longer a weak fool, who can be kicked around. 

Now seeing my colleague every day gives me a reason to smile. The way this was handled was just awesome! All respect to you. What an embarrassment for the bully.

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