June 01, 2014

Out of hospital

What a day. 
As always, my fondness toward hospital has not grown, in fact it is heading into the very opposite direction. It's a that usual routine for healthcare workers, who see stuff happening; people come and go, have their procedures and operations etc. Once again I've come to realize that it's a very unique experience for a patient.
I felt helpless, lost, scared and did not want to be there. Needles=pain. Hospital gown= humiliation and embarrassment. TED stockings= new fashion statement. I was just so lucky that there were many friends, who kept me company and popped in when I was in recovery. Couldn't have asked for more. Nevertheless, going to the operating room was not a pleasant journey and it doesn't get easier. Experienced OR visitor, such as undersigned, should have no issues, but yeah go ahead and try it yourself. Then tell me what you think.
I have no veins, at least none that unskilled healthcare workers can poke and practice on. It was the anesthetist, who finally managed to find one. Felt a lot better, when first drops of Propofol reached the blood circulation. 
I'm back home now and can't get enough of my new black Labrador boy. He is called Charlie and he is gorgeous. Healing happens at home, not in hospital bed, if that is an option and I am grateful that it was ok for me to go home back to Charlie.

"Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free." - Stephen King


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