September 17, 2014

Heading home

Having to return home from my travels is extremely difficult at this time. On those few occasions when I remember life at "home" I think that's all fake and plastic. Not real in any way anymore. Where I am now, in Reykjavik, Iceland is very real to me. This time is my 3rd visit in Iceland and it just gets better and better. Awesome scenery, mountains, valleys, food, company, horses, culture,  fresh air, Icelandic wool, hidden people. When I went riding with Islenski Hesturinn I noticed there were moments of total silence, and yet we were so close to Reykjavik. Silence is golden, they say and it really is.
I have done so much, each day has been fun filled and sometimes very very slow. It is as if the time stood still. When I was riding for six hours, it felt much longer than that. When I was sitting and watching the ships and people in the Reykjavik old harbor yesterday, again it felt like it was midday all the time. Another riding trip was fast paced, but it took for a long time to reach the waterfall and return to the stable. I watch the rain, see the people walking along Laugavegur and enjoy every breath I take. I have not heard much about the volcano that is supposedly erupting in the other part of the country. Yes, I guess it is erupting as we speak. I love going to supermarket and see all fresh produce. It's great to get out of the hotel in the morning and jumping onto tour bus. Or horseback. I have not had mornings, when it feel reluctant to get up. I have slept well, my skin has cleared up and I feel great.. Well, apart from sore legs from riding and walking long distances.
I have met some really nice people too... Nice probably is an understatement. Everyone from bus driver to tour guide and that lady in neighborhood little supermarket are friendly. It seems like everyone has been given their space and room for being who they really are. They are clearly fun loving, tough, original, approachable and  awesome. They are polite, and listen quite patiently at my attempts to communicate in Icelandic. I end up mixing English, Swedish and Icelandic, but it works. I'm quite happy if I can provide some entertainment!

Still I find myself packing my bags, checking in for my flight and heading "home", wherever home is. Where the heart is...? I would come back next week, next month, any time. I am truly sad to be leaving, but will be thinking of that first opportunity to pack my bags and come back again, soon. 

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