September 03, 2014

Crossed lines- priceless

Person A: "You remember there was something I asked you to do so have you done it?"
Person B: " Hmmmph what...?" Person B's eyes become a size of saucer.
Person A: "Well did you arrange that event we discussed. Or not. What?"
Person B: "Me and my fluffy memory man. I can't recall that conversation at all. What are ya talking about?"
Person A: "That event. You know."
Person B: " Well I don't really know."
Person A: "Read your e-mail. Instructions are there."
Person B: "I can't recall receiving any e-mail. I can't find it. My mailbox ain't got no space."
Person A: "Just find it.
Person B: "Okey dokey. Imma workin' on it yo.
Person A takes his/her leave and disappears without a trace.
Person B makes a funny face. Kind of fluffy, you know.

Later in the afternoon it turns out Person A was on his/her usual mission trying to poke and provoke people in the vicinity of the area. Needless to say, she failed in this occasion. Person B was feeling pretty good of her/himself and managed to mislead and annoy Person A.
Once again. The feeling of satisfaction is priceless.

Person C takes even greater pleasure listening the conversations these two often have. In fact it is at least on two occasions daily. Person C is thinking of selling tickets.$40/per conversation/argument, no taxes to be paid= $80/day.. If mathematics is one of your strongest suits, you will see how much it is possible to earn. No taxes= rich in no time.

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