January 23, 2015

Near misses

I needed to buy groceries yesterday evening and return books to the library and thought quick drive is all it takes to get to the supermarket and back. I got to the market without any kind of accident or incident, miracle really since there was a lot of traffic and people all over the place.
Return journey was a different journey. Two very close calls, when a dark grey Ford Flex (yes one of those box-like horrible structures that looks like on old Toyota Hi-Ace) pulled in front of me in the middle of the intersection even though it was my turn to go. Those couple of inches between us were probably enough to save us from an accident that time. Thanks be to God none of us were driving fast, but once the Ford driver (=idiot) cleared the intersection, he (I'm sure it is a "he") carried on driving way faster than the 40km/h speed limit. I finally caught him turning into a parking lot and really had to force myself to drive home and not go and beat him up.
Then the next set of red lights and turning left down the hill another car on the left hand side of the lanes heading downhill began to drift closer and closer to my lane. BS!!! *$%#@&!!!! When the driver realized they narrowly avoided a crash and taking my side mirror with them, they pulled back into their own lane and I finally caught them in the traffic lights. It was a gold colored car, possibly Japanese and looked a lot like a car that these people had stolen from their daddy. Had it not been the red lights, and open car windows, I'd not have know the car was full of young women in their early 20's if not less. I just thought they'd be lucky if they survive the night on the road. Death wish? What tragedy if the four of them died on the road just because the driver thinks it's all fun and games on the road.

Shame. I'm not sure women in Saudi Arabia will ever get to drive, but I hope they will, if they choose to do so. But those young ladies should be banned from driving ever.

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