June 16, 2015

What else can go wrong?

The start of another vacation: nearly missed the flight, because of getting lost and waiting by the wrong gate. Nearly boarded the wrong plane too. Once in the aircraft, I  sat in the wrong seat, but thankfully there were a lot of empty seats and there was no need to change. Then later I messed up the aircraft toilet by having a nosebleed. Even before departing home, I realized I could not find my camera or the $$$ I had just exchanged in the bank. To this day, I don't know where they are.

On arrival I feel relieved.

Few days later an awful hip and lower back pain starts. I wonder if I have been walking/jogging too often and too far. Taken it easy. Not. I decide to ease up a bit, and the hip pain improves. Back pain continues. Several websites, including "Runner's World" suggests it could be because of bursitis, overexertion, overdoing it, sleeping in a new bed, wearing wrong kind of shoes. Next door physio says it could be the facet joints. I try Voltarol gel and Anadin Ultra. Of course I left my own stronger painkillers home. The pain has somewhat improved, a strange hollow feeling remains in the lower back and wakes me up at night.

Next: research university module. Grade 35%. Epic fail. I have nothing more to say about that.

Eye check-up revealed that I might enjoy wearing reading glasses. Yeah right. The glasses should be ready next week.

On top of all this, I forgot about travel insurance. That might be a good idea really, considering I broke a bone in my hand during the latest holiday in March.

What else can go wrong? Many things. "A bit of caution won't kill you."

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