January 14, 2012

How to survive without Synthroid for 6 weeks in preparation for Thyroid WBS Part 2

Thyroid WBS: painless, but takes a bit of time, so wrap up warm. Most of us, who are severely hypothyroid, are already cold, and I wish I had brought woolly socks and cardigan to wear. I had to get the scan done twice; second one took just 20 minutes, but first one.. seems like hours and hours. Technician, who "did" my first scan was there for the second one too, but his facial expression seemed as if... someone had burst his bubble. Deflated his tires. Planted a chewed chewing gum in his hair. Locked himself out of the house in 32 F. Oooops. and how am I supposed to feel then..? All of the above?
I actually felt nothing, just fatigued and brain fog has not lifted yet. I forget to eat and drink, when I do remember, I feel whole lot better.
"Under the scanner" yesterday I was feeling cold (made a mental note to wear thermal underwear next time). Feeling cold and uncomfortable (bring your fluffy pillow and mattress too lol), brought tears in my eyes. Nuclear med doctor came to chat with me at the end of the scan: There two "small" areas that lit up like a Christmas tree. Two?
CT scan of the neck last Wednesday showed a bubble like structure, and I wondered what it was.

TSH 127.28. Free T3 0.26. Free Thyroxine <0.79. TSH high high high, rest of the low low low.

I did not feel "radioactive"nor I was glowing in the dark. Boo hoo. Of course I knew that, but could not resist the temptation to ask Will I glow if I wake up at night? I might not need lights in the restroom then..? Awww that look of disbelief in their eyes. Gotcha!

Never give up your sense of humor, in fact now is the time to become wicked and keep it up.

When facing the mirror, and puffy eyed stranger stares back at you; YES it is you. Still you. Make the most of it. Milk it, as they say. Use the Cancer card. Read my blog and comment.

I've got to deal with what comes next. I have four options, and next step is thyroid ultrasound and biopsy. Possible biopsy I say, as if I have any say in this, but actually truthfully I do. It is my body and I can use and abuse (pun intended) it the way I like lol.
I am very much aware that each of us have our own battles and challenges. Simple blood test and the sight of needle may just be enough for some- and that's ok. Do whatever it takes to get it done. Some stuff is awful, creepy, disgusting, humiliating etc, but whatever it takes. You decide.
Friend of mine has a horse, but is scared to ride. I also own one, and sometimes I'd rather not ride. Scared of falling off, scared of countless "what if" scenarios, but because options are limited; either you fall off or stay on, this sort of mind-game becomes boring. So I keep showing up in riding lessons, ride, do my best 99% of the time and I can say I am half way there. Somewhere.
Same applies to nasty stuff that happens in hospitals. We may not care about everything they do us, but we keep showing up, sometimes intoxicated, because right then it is IMPOSSIBLE to even think about quitting, it has to be done no matter how unpleasant.
I had TSH level and tumor marker bloods done last week, felt like shit, but had to get it done. I took friend of mine with me. He kept me endlessly entertained with just being there, being present. There are people like this. He also tells me dirty jokes every now and then and I bet he could make some people veryyyyy uncomfortable. Someone like him, take him with you to scans, tests etc and life's just tiny bit easier for you. I might ask if he'd like to have date with me in ultrasound. For dessert we'll have biopsy. How about that?

6 weeks is a long time without Synthroid, even with Cytomel added there to make life somewhat bearable, but the end of it will come. Eventually.
I wish I had been able to take three honest weeks off from work, but did I not think I could just breeze through this one too. Not a walk in the park. I can't over emphasize the importance of sleep and rest. Watching TV and facebooking are excellent, as well as getting outdoors every day. Walk around the block is already great.

Neuropathy, ever so welcome visitor, attacked my hands last week- no doubt because of low TSH. I can't type anymore.


Christy Jason said...

Just one capsule of desiccated bovine supplement a day and it has takes off those low thyroid symptoms.

Chloe Michelle Gellar said...

Nothing my doctor prescribed was working to keep my hair from falling out fast. I started taking bovine tablets and within 1 week I noticed my hair wasn't falling out like it had been for 3 years. Now several months later, I only have a few strands fall out. I will continue to use forever!!!