August 22, 2015

Wrong size- good buy (bye) shoes

A quick visit to world famous store last week. result: shopping bag full of nice blouses and a pair of shoes, which I could not wait to wear. I thought I'd save them for the following morning and left them in the bag. After all, I had tried them on in the store and they fit perfectly. Only I had tried on another pair, which looked like it had already been in hundreds of other customers' feet, so I chose another pair on the same shelf. Checked the size- or so I thought.
Not quite the same size, obviously. There was a nice added touch too:
Early in the morning, when I was packing and about to go to airport, I first noticed the security tag and then the mismatched sizes. Crap! I was sooooooo p.....d off that I left the shoes wherever I was staying and thought well, fine, good bye £35. Would I even have worn those shoes after all...? It's not the first time, but honestly, one would expect the cashier or the salespeople to look after their products and place them on the correct shelf. Some stores also love to use size "12 hangers" for size 20 clothes. Or the other way round. 
Well, I contacted the customer service of the store and am hoping they might reply (...and say what...? Apologize lol?).  My loss was £35, and the store probably can't sell the other mismatched pair either. Next time I'll check what I am actually buying or even better, not go shopping at all. Some staff are more diligent in checking and this definitely does not happen in every store in every part of the world, but in some it unfortunately does. The cashier guy was serving two other customers before me in this particular store, chewing gum, sporting a gold chain around his neck, appeared totally fed up with his job and piled the products into shopping bags. I guess he had no time/motivation to check anything else except for scan the stuff and get the customer's money and send the customer on their way.

I said I will check my purchases next time, but will I really do it or trust the "professionals"? Ha. 

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