September 04, 2015

Dealing with complications

September 24, 2014. I underwent hysterectomy almost a year ago and I have not regretted even for a day. Not until mid-July. I have been noticing some symptoms of a prolapsed bladder; feeling of fullness, inability to empty my bladder, but I was not sure if it is all in my head. I went to see my gyn in May 2015 and he diagnosed grade I-II bladder prolapse.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but it explained the symptoms and in a way I was relieved to know there was nothing more than that going on. Then I caught a cold and a horrible tickly cough few weeks ago. One of those coughs, that irritate your throat and you have to cough no matter where you are. Since I started coughing, I have noticed the prolapse getting worse. 

My gyn warned me last time that bladder prolapse surgeries may also fail and one of the complications is urinary incontinence! That's not what any of us wants for sure, but I am not sure how long I can live with the "bulge". I am also scared of possibility of another surgery and  even before the actual surgery may or may not happen, I fear that the bladder can just fall out one day. 
Before the hysterectomy I thought I could still improve the uterine prolapse by pelvic floor exercise. There was some improvement, but it was minimal really. I just can't face another operation so I am willing to try anything, more pelvic floor exercises, yes bring it on. Then I read about treating the prolapse with Brufen and estrogen cream and more exercises. Self-help books are full of ideas, web pages offer more, when I run out of my own. Hospitals, operations, urodynamic studies etc freak me out... but wait a minute, who said anything about urodynamic studies...?? Isn't it one of those age old hospital routines that ALL patients with bladder prolapse are referred for these types of studies? No. Absolutely not. 
The prolapse will no doubt get worse, gravity will take care of it. 
I admit that it is not certain that the prolapse is a complication of the surgery, but it may well be. I signed the consent form and have to deal with the consequences.


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