July 11, 2015

Lost property

Some stuff has gone missing and I've been looking for them everywhere. Everywhere. In process I have cleared and cleaned kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, desk drawers, book shelves etc. I haven't found the items I am looking for.
I am known  to misplace things and they could be in front of me somewhere and I just couldn't see them. But a camera and some money can't have gone far. I've put them in a safe place, so safe that no one including me can find them. Such a shame to think that someone would have walked out with them, but it is a possibility. I would quite like to find the camera. Its charger and warranty documents are still in my possession. Never mind the money.
A friend of mine said that it's all material things and someone, if that someone really took them, must have needed those items more than I do. True.

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