September 05, 2015

A bizarre event at night

Bladder prolapse and cough, not a good combination. So when I decided enough is enough, a visit to my GP resulted in chest x-ray (which was normal), a referral for pulmonary function tests and a prescription of Panacod and Atenolol for relatively high BP. Codeine apparently relieves the cough symptoms and yes, when I took one last night, I think it worked. I woke up once. Not coughing, but with a terrifying feeling of blunt constricting chest pain. I got up at once thinking I need to use the restroom, ran in there, but nothing happened. Well, I was expecting something like diarrhea that would have explained the "cramps", but now almost 12 hours later I can't be sure if they were abdominal cramps or chest pain..caused by what? Panacod? Atenolol?
Whatever the cause was, it was scary. I was about to call the ambulance, but the pain subsided and I slept. 
I don't often have the time to think about what happened at night, if I am going to work or there is something else, but it's weekend and I had plenty of time to think. 
I thought about it again after breakfast.
Then I watched the "12 Monkeys" movie and thought about the nightly horrors again.
Then my friend came for a visit and I had to be 100% fully present so I could not think. I didn't share the narrative of the nightly events with my friend. We had a chat and had to share the sofa with the neighbor's cat. 

That heading up there may lead some people to think I had had a stranger in my bed or something. No, not quite, even though I wish it had been a stranger rather than excruciating pain.

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