September 19, 2015

Working hours

9 to 5. Normal, routine working hours. Report to work on time, leave on time. Be a proactive self-motivated, good team worker, sensible, smart employee, meet your goals and always strive to do your best for the Company.
Company is happy, but your boss isn't, as it's usually the case. One day you report to work at 8.30am and expect to catch-up with emails and such, knowing there shouldn't be anything urgent to deal with until 9am. But as luck would have it, The Boss walks in and says there is something urgent and if it's not dealt with, it will lead into a chaos and disaster. Something unpleasant that is. Ok, you do what is asked of you, even though it's not time to start work yet. A smart employee as we all are, we then (wrongly) assume it would be awesome to get out of work earlier than 5pm.
Ask the boss: can I go home earlier, since I started earlier? 15 minutes earlier please?
The boss' facial expression is of total disbelief (how could you even ask..!???). He says no.
You swear this is the very last time you come early.

It should really be "give and take". The Company (i.e. your Boss) robs you of your precious time, and that in my opinion is not right.

It works for some people, but for some it does not. My time is mine and it is important to me.

If The Boss carries on stealing my time (and if I, in my stupidity, continue donating my time), I will go on strike and stop doing any extra stuff for him. I can report to duty at 9am as mandated. Leave at 5pm sharp. Lunch hour is an hour, I won't leave a minute too early, neither will I return too early. 


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