September 25, 2016

13 years

This weekend has been truly extraordinary. I met with one of my friends, whom I have not seen since 2003. When I left from the place where I was living at the time, I wasn't planning on returning and I definitely wasn't counting on seeing my friend ever again.
I missed him a lot. I thought about him a lot, and then one day social media brought us together. On Friday he called me and said he's around and yes, we have to meet.
We had dinner, caught up with the latest stuff and talked and talked for 5 hours.
It's not often we get to do something like this, so make the most of it. I did.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I thought it had all been a dream so I sent him a message and asked how he is doing. He's great, he enjoyed our time together.

I hope we can meet again soon.

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