November 19, 2016

Drive carefully

I was riding my horse out in the desert in the one afternoon just at sunset time last week . We were just approaching the fence that surrounds the area, when a driver in a black Hyundai sedan  drove past, way faster than  the speed limit. He probably did not see me and the horse, because he were in a hurry, well above the speed limit (I just said it, didn't I?) and the car engine and gear box sounded like they are about to give up. Solution: drive slower or get a car with more powerful engine. I wasn't really thinking about that poor car at the time, but right now I think that car's lifespan may not be very long...
My horse got spooked (and so did I), but I managed to keep her walking for another five minutes. Then she started to speed up, trotting sideways, shaking her head and because I didn't want to fall off I had to dismount and walk back to the stable.

In all fairness, there are no cameras watching over that part of the road, so 90% of the drivers conveniently forget about the speed limit. I think someone should be made aware of the lack of observing speed limits in the camp and ask them to install more cameras.

I worked hard to be able to ride my horse out of the arena and the last few rides have been quite pleasant, however that ride last week ride really began to destroy my self-confidence again. I will take more lessons and next time I head out, I hope there won't be any race drivers around.For your own sake, I hope you were wearing a seat belt. For your sake, I hope a police catches you next time before you injure other road users.
The horse disapproves speeding.

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