July 30, 2007

Vicious circle

Questions are endless and they keep on coming;
Is the grass greener on the other side?
Is it true?
Why me?
Why can't I forget?
Que hora es?
Is it too late?

Still the life goes on in the land of extreme heat and humidity. The very end of July has brought yet another month to an end, with stifling humidity. This can only mean that the weather is changing- more humidity, shamals, sunshine. It is burning hot especially during the midday. Sweat pouring out, when I just pop my head out of the door. Sunglasses are a must here, therefore I own three pairs of them now. Excessive.. Ok.
The car survives the heat, but the ABS warning lights are still intermittently on and the whole dashboards is lit up like a Christmas tree. I drive the car until it stops. Sometimes the brakes resist, and the car jumps like a kangaroo. Speeding is obviously out of question, since the brakes are no longer 100% reliable.

Shopping.. well, just once.. a vague memory of shopping at Carrefour few weeks ago. Nothing expensive, just every days necessities. Tampons are hard to find here, there is an occasional selection at the local store, but most of the time I go to Geant or Carrefour and buy truckloads of them. All other products are available.. Except for Yogi Tea- someone said I could get it in Bahrain, but I have not yet been there. Besides I have three unopened boxes of Yogi Tea here, remains of my vacation in London last month. Seems even that was ages ago.

Do I now need to write
"Thank You"
at the end here, like some people do when they write e-mails at work. Heck, I'd read the message anyway, no need to thank me for anything.

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