July 05, 2007

Junk mail

You know who you are, sending me jokes and other so called fun stuff to my work e-mail. Well, you might as well stop. I know who you are, who you report to, I know your office telephone number and even the building. Who's stalking who..? Yes, I also do feel I am being watched sometimes.
CCTV and spy cameras all over the place, you can't get away here.
Anyway this electronic mail stalker probably thinks he's doing me a favor, asking me to read this crap he sends me and even has nerve to ask me to send him a "receipt" when the mail has been read. I never bother.
Just to let the stalker guy A.D know that the jokes don't make me laugh. Pictures he sends do not make me smile. They might as well be blank e-mails.
Come and talk to me straight if you have something to say. I promise I will listen if you have something clever to say, if you look smart and if you are polite. Fair?

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