July 31, 2007

No paradise

After yet another day at work, on my way home I thought I cannot make any sense of this even if I try. Life here in general, it is unreal. There may be another word to describe it, but right now I don't know any better. Palm trees, sand, hot and humid weather. Maid, gardener. Luxury shopping malls, no expenses have been saved in planning and implementing all this. I am beginning to think I have no part to play in building this society, that I have nothing to contribute, nothing to give to these people. That's just how I am today, the way I feel. Life sometimes offers second chances, I was lucky to get this one and it enabled me to work in the Middle East once more, but there are more and more days when I feel this particular second chance was not a blessing. One in disguise, maybe.. that is a possibility. In any case, I have paid off my debts, I am financially more secure, which was one of my goals. I was not ready to go just yet, but my intuition tells me something else.

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