July 13, 2007

The Car

It did not come as a surprise that the rear car window got stuck this morning. It was quite expected really, as the car is more than 12 years old. Brakes, window opening mechanisms, door opening mechanism... what else.. It is falling apart.
Automatic transmission is the best feature, and I would never voluntarily go back into a manual one again. Brand new cars do not cost a fortune here, so that will be my next goal.
I just hope and pray the car won't give up in the middle of the road- I would not know what to do then.
Oh and that is not all. The battle with the window this morning, when I desperately tried to shut it lead to few injuries; the window escaped without a scratch, but I have a black eye after hitting my head into the corner of the window, broke two nails and more scratches on the wrist. This just strengthened my resolve to junk this car and buy a new one.

I watched a movie called "Glasshouse- The Good mother". Thriller. Well, it did nothing to me. The two kids in the film have been adopted by a "friendly" couple, who have lost their son a year before. Little do these kids know, the parents are total nutcases, and they are in for torture and terror. Fear trip that is. This must be one of those disappointing class B movies that never make it to the big screen. Not brilliant, not excellent, nowhere near!

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