June 02, 2008

More than this?

I said good-bye to my friend in my dream. At the airport; queues were long, I barely made it to the aircraft in time, and my ex-friend was chatting away and did not even notice me. So I left, took my luggage and my life and said good-bye in the dream. She stays, I go and we'll never meet again.

Love, what is love actually? Some of it disclosed, some of it shown. Genuine love, perfect love, tender and loving love? Loving me, loving you. And I truly do, but you just stand there and pretend (hah so unsuccessfully) not to notice.

It is vital to get some fresh air each and every day. Prevent headache, stress, whatever.. They say sex too is a kind of a breath of fresh air- I guess if you go out in the garden...? I remember reading "if you want to be sexy then drink pepsi" from somewhere.. the answer seems obvious..

For a change, my head feels empty, the thoughts they are there all right, but it is a quite a challenge to catch them. I feel like maybe possibly I've come to a point in life, where I don't give a shit, simply don't care. There is so much more in life, than just going to bed in the evening (sigh.. is it never gonna get better..).. Every day can be an adventure. It may be full of love, one falls in love, falls out of love, laughs, cries, walks, runs and stops. Goes out shopping or stays home and saves the money. It's in your hands.
Just because my head's empty, I can write this. That vicious circle of work, eat and sleep begins as soon as I return to the desert kingdom.. unless this is a mission I choose NOT to accept. There is always an option not to stay.

I ain't extraordinary, I'm just special.
- Sat Atma Kaur

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