May 31, 2008

From the Dentist's Chair Part II

Finnish newspaper Helsingin sanomat publishes "Nyt-liite" every Friday, kind of an extra magazine with TV programs, movie info and some funny stories. Just after the day of my own agonizing visit to the evil dentist's cave, someone posed the same question: Why are people afraid of a dentist?
The answer is more funny than anything else, makes one wonder if it really is such a bad experience, worth being scared of? According to "Nyt", the answer is this: "The dentists office is much like a torture chamber from the Middle Age, and the equipment that is being used is just a powered version of old times' torture equipment. The dentist always tells you dental care has been neglected, you've eaten too much sweet stuff and have not brushed often enough. Talking about flossing, you've not done it either.

Shortly after your mouth will be filled by several items, such as forceps, gauze, suction, drills, needles.. Can't swallow, can't shout for help, it's too full and congested there."

Aaahhh this is so inspiring, I almost cried had it not been so funny.
Reluctanly I'll go for my appointment next week.. and hope for the best, fingers crossed.

Samma på svenska... ja, lite senare, vänta här, var så vänlig.
Sama suomeksi... joo, vähän myöhemmin, odottele.

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