August 14, 2008

Quiet Day

Do you ever wonder how your life will be a year from now?
Will you be sitting on the same chair typing the same message, will you be more grateful of what you have then?
Questions that need to be answered- but the answers may arrive next year. Maybe never. This year, this time, right now I am watching my cat Casper sleeping, so comfortable, so much at ease. On TV there is a movie called “Vacancy”. In the magazine in front of me there is an article about Lara Flynn Boyle and her weight loss.. She’s very much like a skeleton, part of admires her, professional part of me think “hmmmm.. Did she go to far..?” and the rest of me thinks it’s her life after all. One is fat, another one just about normal (and what is “normal” then..?!?), and the third one doesn’t really care at all. And then there are people, who just live their life and accept themselves as they are.
We never know when exactly all this will end. Is there a life after this one, or something even better..? Will I spend the rest of my days with the one I love?
Can he answer these questions for me? Why is it so complicated at times? Life is like a flow of a river, show goes on, water flows, time runs out.
I am incredibly grateful of the things I have today; my life, my health, my family and friends, and this guy I love. And The Cat..

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