September 18, 2012


It is not cold here, not yet. I caught a cold, which started as sore throat and went on causing me to cough up most curious things. I did not know that stuff resided in my lungs!
It's just common cold, but still quite an annoyance. It belongs to the very same group along with spiders, gecko lizards, snakes, cancer and all sorts of unnecessary stuff. Some may not agree with adding gecko lizards in, I have been told they are "cute", but not in my opinion. So shove them all in the same group. But yes, if I had to choose between cancer and geckos, then lizards would be most welcome in house. I just don't like them...  [insert frightened face here].

I just watched "24" series seasons 1 and 2. Nodding off every now and then, wondering why I never used to watch 24. It's actually awesome. It is somewhat exciting to watch 24 for hours and hours, knowing the season will come into its end, but that another one will follow and there is no need to wait for a week for next episode. Yes!!! Not that watching TV is one of the most exciting pastimes in this world, but it kept me entertained while sneezing and coughing. I hope Tony Almeida did not catch my cold lol

October 14 is dedicated for blood tests, October 15 for Thyroid whole body scan, and luckily, this time I am on Thyrogen, not having to stop Synthroid for such a long time. I was wrecked in January, when I was waiting to undergo Thyroid WBS. Never again, I said. This time the doc listened to me, and provided me with Thyrogen, which I will attempt to inject myself two days before the scan. Yes, myself, absolutely. Why not? I have not had to stick a needle into anyone's flesh for quite some time. If you feel you cannot possible leave Synthroid, ask and beg and kick and scream for Thyrogen. I had to change hospital and doctor, before this was possible for me, but I knew I would not want to undergo anymore scans feeling totally exhausted. It was very deep seated exhaustion, no matter what I did, I felt I did not get enough rest...  [insert sleepy and exhausted faces here].

Ultrasound of thyroid shows some interesthting detailshhhh- awww Zyrtec is kicking in and forcing me to bed... I've not sneezed or coughed for at least 5 minutes now. Yepper!

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