September 10, 2012

Never mind..

News? No news is good news as they say..
- I spent great vacation in the USA in August, unforgettable moments in Wyoming. The scenery is breathtaking, and it is silent! Some of the best moments were spent outdoors. Of course I would like to return next summer.
- Unexpected visitor announced its presence.. weird looking lymph nodes in my neck. Thyroid whole body scan in October will guide us further and we'll decide about treatment. If the decision is in my hands, I would not choose radioactive iodine anymore. Another potential option- if cancer has not spread- is external radiotherapy, which I would choose under the circumstances. My opinion may not matter, I am not an expert, but I will pray that these two options will be available and that we can go ahead with EBRT, if necessary.
- No graphic details here- but what is the matter with my intestines...? Eating reasonable amounts, small portions,  minimum amount of fat and carbs, choosing fiber, green leafy vegetables, occasional glass of milk... Diarrhea is a constant companion! I don't believe this!!! It is making me most uncomfortable and I even ended up buying diapers in Wal-Mart. Just in case I have an accident in the car whilst driving from SD to WY. Undigested pieces of veggies..? Milk or no milk, wheat or no wheat, diarrhea is there for sure. Positive mind says it is caused by combination of stress and IBS. Negative mind says cancer has spread into colon. Neutral mind tells me to shut up and start preparing for colonoscopy.
- Old friend came back into picture! Not uninvited at all. I was truly happy to see him again. We had not met since 2003. Long time, but not that long we would have forgotten. He's fantastic, such a great person, always one of my best friends.

Possibility of having to deal with cancer recurrence is unnerving and I am not fond of hospitals and white coats. Latest clinic visit raised my blood pressure up in the sky, and nurses bombarded me with questions "Do you suffer from hypertension?". Of course I do, but it is always when I get to step into this godforsaken clinic. In my hand I was holding a cup of Starbucks coffee, that combined with anxiety surely stopped my BP from dropping down too low.

Then again, cancer may recur, we all know that. Good resources for me have been books "Planet Cancer" and "Crazy sexy cancer tips" (latter written by Kris Carr). That's why my boots- see above- will be walking me to and from hospital, from one investigation to another.

By the way, what is "Cancer card"?

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