May 05, 2014

No to bullying

Sometimes putting distance between you and your "normal" daily life, can really change the way you see things.  I wrote a lot about work and bullying before vacation and that's been the previous trend too.. Things just get very unpleasant and challenging, seeing the same people day in day out is plain painful! Perhaps I need a new career- truck driver..?  Scenery and people change.
When I was in primary and secondary school, I was bullied most of the time. There was no choice at the time, those bullies were there all the time. School holidays were the only times when bullies weren't present. I knew very well where each of them lived, and avoided going anywhere near their houses.Journeys to school by school bus were torture. Somehow those bullies always positioned themselves close to me and those poor friends, who sat next to me. Mr VR was one of the worst. The bus bully. Mr's TR and TS were the school classroom bullies. In hindsight I can see Mr. TR was the weaker one, even though in size he was bigger. Without Mr. TS he could not function. Two girls, Miss LM and MO were pretty bad too and both of them totally unable to function without the other one. There are plenty more stories about what these guys did to me and my friends. Name and shame may not really benefit anyone or bring justice after all those years now, but let them just die in their own shame. They are very well aware of what their school years were like.

I am recognizing same pattern now- this is tens of years later and it did not cross my mind that anything like this would reoccur. Bullying. Right now I could kick those kids' asses, tell them where they really and truly belong, but that's because years passed and all of us kind of grew up. I'm not sure if those kids ever really grew up, went to high school, university, became famous..? I doubt that. Few of them were pretty simple and stupid. They probably remained that way.

Situation today resembles of what happened years ago, but adults (or so called adults) have more developed weapons. Verbal, that is as far as it goes, but words hurt too.

We need another survival guide- how to survive bullying at school and work.

The two bullies in the present day world are also very dependent on each other. One feeds the other one. One collects information and delivers the news. The other one whispers and excludes the rest of mere mortals.  That's not how an effective team works unless it's just a two man (or woman) team. In that case it blood well works.

Few more years and these two conquerors will be named and shamed too. My little black notebook is getting more and more exciting information about the "Adventures of The Two Poison Dwarfs". Interesting material for my forthcoming book.

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