May 22, 2014

Crash site

I am waiting for feedback from university, where I am studying. Feedback about the essay I just submitted and whether or not I am proficient enough in English. If yes, I guess I get to continue studies and if not, well, I will find out what the meaning of a "drop-out" is. Right now I don't really care. My future plans did not even include studying, even though The Boss says I am an academic type. To my surprise, I now feel studying is not just worthless mind-numbing activity, but actually quite rewarding. Seeing those 4000 words in front of you and still wanting to continue, eager to jump right into the next module, is amazing considering I did not want to study anything in the first place.
Well, perhaps consider another career, due to not such great life at work right now.

it is not good manners, if a colleague at work watches your every move and then reports you. Still manages to keep straight face as if nothing had ever happened. "It was not me, I never said anything to the boss, I did not report you". Guilt always shines through this person's face and words in more ways than one. Yeah, so it was her again, who was caught in the act walking out of the boss's office (Boss's office is almost sacred ground. It can only mean one thing to me: 99% of the time it is bad news, if I get an invitation in...).  Like those childhood bullies long long time ago- it is time to name and shame these supervisor's little pets soon.

It's just getting impossible to work in this sort of environment. I have already lost count how many times I have mentioned "work", "bullying" and all those nasty words. It goes on and on and I am getting to the point of keeping my mouth shut and just watching how the situation develops. Just accepting that I am not going to get what I want, not in this place, no matter how many posh letters I can add behind my name. I've added my name into that list of The Most Unpopular People,
that is circulating out there somewhere. It has probably reached this glacier by now.

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