August 22, 2014

This is to you, my primary and secondary school teachers

So much talk about bullying at school... Little kids bullying other ones and no one appears to want to interfere. Not schoolmates (who are probably terrified anyway), not school authorities, no one. I just read about a boy, who has been a victim of bullying for quite some time now. Three "bullies" attempted to drown him by pushing his head into toilet bowl. One "bully" slapped him in the middle of art class. One fucker threw a glass of milk at him. Another ***hole attempted to strangle him, and succeeded in rendering the boy unconscious. Would you not say these are attempts to murder this kid?
The below link is for the blog- written in Finnish. Google translation may help- but I believe 99% of the replies to the mother's post really and truly condemn bullying and wonder why the school principal lacks decision making abilities. And has no balls! C'mon, why can't these bullies be transferred to special kind of class for special kind of people? Or some other school, that's not in the neighborhood at all?

I've been there, but it is long long time ago now. I just hope this boy will get an opportunity to get out of this mess..

While I am at it- thanks to my PE teachers, who forced me into the pool, when I did not even know how to swim. Oh yeah, and I was so damn fond of gymnastics too. Not. Thanks for forcing me and now as a result I hate exercise. Thanks to my primary school teacher too, who almost force fed me that yucky cold pasta veggie salad. All my classmates had finished theirs, I was the only one left. Needless to say, I did not finish that effing cold pasta crap- we ran out of time or teacher ran out of patience. I did eventually learn to swim, but I was already 17 so somehow I managed slip away from those awful heavily chlorinated pools. Cheated you by saying I have my period loooool! To this day, I dislike cold pasta salads and veggies too. I'd choose carbs over healthy veggies any time. Force-feeding tactics failed. You loser.
If these are the only traumas given to me by my teachers, then I have to consider myself very lucky. No, not lucky. My classmates took care of bullying, physical and mental violence, verbal abuse and other kind of stuff.
Bullying will never end. There is always some form of bullying going on, such a sad story.

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