November 14, 2014

Supersized insults

Person S: "Where you've been?"
Me: "On sick leave. I had hysterectomy."
Person S: "Oh reallyyyyy? And did you have abortion as well...?"
Me: "Hmmmm. What ?!? But yeah, for your information, yes I did have hysterectomy."

"S" stands for STUPID.

Selected few lines here"
"Hey why are you so big?"
"Hey have you ever seen how big your backside is?"
"Madam, you are too fat."
"You are a weirdo."
"You have a weird haircut."

I believe there are more, way too many to list here. Some people have made it their mission to insult others, some insults are worse than others, but that "abortion" is just over the top. C'mon! Watch what you say, because this shit was total garbage. Rest assured, that person, who said it, will have their own battle one day. Naming and shaming would be awesome, but this is not the time or place.

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