December 26, 2014

Few more days

2014 has almost gone, another year gone and I am left wondering how days and weeks pass by like this. Question is have I really lived and been aware of each passing moment? Kundalini Yoga and meditation used to return me back on the ground, make me more self-aware and live in the moment. I can't say that I've been 100% fully aware of the days and weeks of 2014. Some days are more intense and require 100% presence. Some are not. My horse has taught me to be present. If my thoughts and mind drift away while I am riding, the horse knows this right away and uses this to her advantage. I thought I am riding a 20m circle, but it turns out to be a 10m oval shaped circle. Then I wonder what the hell happened. Oh yeah. I was once again in another time and space continuum.
One of my favorite restaurants, where I used to go for dates with this guy, is closing soon. Well, perhaps not so soon, but my mind has convinced me it could be any time soon. Next week. In reality it will probably close sometime mid 2015. It's a real shame, because this restaurant has been around for many years and has served some real delicious dinners there, along with some good memories of that awesome guy. Time is an illusion they say, and it seems as if I was just having dinner with him yesterday when in fact it was few years ago now.
Change is inevitable, no matter how hard I resist. When I was having breakfast this morning, I thought it's best to just let go and let God deal with this.
2015 brings new opportunities again. Each breath, each day is precious.

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