December 27, 2014

Keep ur hands off my stuff

One day at work I had a peek in to the recycling bin and surprise, surprise discovered my glass. First I thought it must have broken, that's why it was in there. But no, it was as intact as it ever had been and I knew someone (always that SOMEONE) had placed it in the bottom of the bin. My drinking glass, the only one I had left. There were three similar glasses, same design, but two of them had broken long time ago. So it's just "a glass", but it's mine and it may have sentimental value. So don't touch my stuff, simply don't. Yeah, tell me about it. Someone must have panicked for whatever reason and poor glass (my bloody glass!) somehow landed in the recycling. It is a mystery. Kind of.
I could share numerous stories about disappearing milk etc too, but it would be kind of boring. That refrigerator in the office kitchen would have more stories to tell for sure.
Just don't throw my property into recycling guys. Please.

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