March 01, 2015

Við sjáumst

One day the question I have to answer is "what do I really want?"
Today isn't the day, but it will come sooner than later.
What kind of life am I living? How much time am I spending thinking and wondering what could be, specifically those issues I can't change however hard I try? 
There are no answers to some questions I guess we all have, but what would really happen if everything was served on a plate with silver cutlery all the time? Fantastic! I'd take it. Not all the time, sometimes it's fab to work for things and be reminded that nothing comes free. Except for death and taxes.
The scene above looks pretty cold, but it's inviting, clean, fun. I have forgotten the four seasons that some places still have. I had forgotten it's quite a challenge to stay upright on an icy road. And the cold northern wind... but it's still something I can feel, really and truly feel.

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