April 13, 2015

Animal cruelty

"Pony killed in vicious attack" says a headline in a well-known magazine. Apparently the Shetland pony had been repeatedly attached with a heavy object and it resulted in serious injuries. The pony had to be put down. I will never ever understand what makes people kill defenseless animals, be they dogs, cats, horses or anything else. I just hope and pray that justice will be served and may these people, who so cruelly murdered this pony, experience something even worse in their lives. Wishing something bad for them does not make me a better person, but who would stand up for the pony's rights? So yes, may those insane criminals find themselves in a situation where no one comes to their rescue. Violent painful death. I hope they sleep well, because the pony's bloody face will haunt them in their dreams for many more years. I hope they can tell their kids, who ask them for a pony, that they are actually pony killers themselves and "no, we can't get a pony for you, because it would be a constant reminder of what I achieved when I was young and stupid". I hope the perps are caught and given not just a fine, but several months in jail and 1000 lashes.

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