July 01, 2015

Life in the city

It is most interesting to observe people whilst walking to college every morning. Almost everyone is in a hurry and going somewhere. Those who aren't, stand in the middle of the sidewalk and annoy others. Or those with backpacks and maps, who wander aimlessly. Annoying.
I've lost count how many times I've been targeted by an elbow into ribs or just a casual bone breaking bump into various other parts of my body. The faster I walk, the more it hurts. Until I learned to walk defensively and now get my own space quite easily. The City of London is no place for a morning stroll.
They talk about cyclists, and how dangerous cycling is in London. Very true. A young woman died last week near where I live in an accident, where she was hit by a lorry. On most days I pass by the set of traffic lights near the Bank underground station and there are still flowers in the memory of this young woman. I quite fancied a bicycle ride to work, but then realized I am close enough to the college and walking is an option. Being smashed by a passerby with a handbag or an occasional elbow into ribs is still a lot better than riding a bike in heavy traffic in an unknown place.

Riding a bike on the left side of the road is another challenge... I may have done it in the past, yes, in London, but I think those adventurous days are over.

July 7, 2015. Ten years on from the date when London was struck by terrorist attack. I was here and remember walking home, because there was no public transport. 52 people lost their lives and more than 700 were injured. I was watching a documentary about the events on that day on TV yesterday. I often wonder what would have happened had I boarded one of trains or the bus. There were delays in the morning and I took another Circle line train. I usually took the DLR to Bank and walked to work from there. This time I took an alternate route, and must have passed Aldgate station not long before it all happened. I'm obviously still here writing this, but it could have easily been a very different story.
On this coming July 7, we'll walk again. #WalkTogether www.bit.ly
Take care of yourselves.

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