January 13, 2016

Someone else messed up this time

Stuff goes missing all the time. It's incredible. My camera, small (?) amount of cash that I exchanged in the bank and lots of other things have mysteriously vanished over the years.
This time an important had gone missing, but I got a replacement. Thanks be to God.
I just wasn't the one who lost it.
Car key has disappeared. I don't have it.
Booklet from the downtown car dealer has gone missing. I've never seen it. It's blue and "surely you have it". Well, what can I say.

I'm trying to wean myself off watching horror movies. They don't really help in my present state of mind. I guess that's one of the reasons why I decided to tidy up at home- because I couldn't cope with the mess anymore and because "stuff" was disappearing. I've replaced horror movies with cartoons and kids' movies. That's a huge leap, yes, but to a better direction (becoming a child again.... looool). I could never watch horror movies/thrillers/scary stuff until I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. That's when I felt the urge (an obsessive compulsive one) to watch all possible horror movies, from "The Omen" to "The Saw". Some of them were truly frightening, but I never lost a minute of sleep. I wasn't scared. I'm sort of getting back into that "oh I'm scared now" state of mind and it's probably a good idea to find something else to do.

Exercise too... I think my blood pressure has been getting higher and higher. I found lots of useful information in American Heart Association website http://www.heart.org
I have more risk factors I ever realized and it's probably the right time to do something about it.
Of course, when you have to enter your height and weight into the BMI calculator, I don't think it takes into consideration your body type! Its blunt verdict was "OBESE". Yeah, right. My body is not made of just "fat". Anyway as a guideline it's fabulous.

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