August 09, 2007


There is no other way than to believe. Belief in God is one of the simplest things and God's presence can be felt everywhere, every day if we just let ourselves feel it. Three days ago I was undergoing some difficult challenging chores at work and thought I'd fail. I know, I know, positive thinking... I did not fail, because I felt God reaching out for me, and all of a sudden I had calmness in my mind, something that I had not experienced before. By Guru's grace this feeling is still strong and does not show any sign of leaving me. Kind of a safety net, if you like. I feel supported, both mentally and physically. Of course I am blessed to have many unique friends here, very caring and kind people around me. But I still wonder about that event three days ago.. without someone, something stronger and ever-present I think I would have been "nailed", like some not so kind ones like to put it. In my mind God's presence has been proved, not for the first time, but confirming all the signs that I have received during the past 10 years..

Other than that, weather continues to be hot and at times extremely humid. Temperature closer to +50 C, surely.

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