December 07, 2013

What's up Whatsapp?

Avoiding nasty comments and insults aimed at you is almost an impossibility in this life. I got a taste of that yesterday. Not the first time, of course not, but last night's lengthy exchange of words got too far. Without social media this would probably not have happened. Without being intoxicated this would not have happened. Had I switched off the cellphone, this would not gone so far.
Discussion about horse feed. Discussion that turned sour. These are the "juiciest" bits, copied and pasted from Whats App:

"You not going to buy feed from me" (this was meant as question, I presume)
I responded by saying I am not going to change my horse's feed right now. She does not need anything extra.
"Well she is eating rabish now" (rubbish? radish?)
" I'm really disappointed with how you treat your horse" (Excuse me??!!)
" She wasn't in local feed until you put her there" (I "put" the horse on local feed..? "Local food is good enough, or else the stable would not offer it to owners)
"And problems happened" (Do problems "happen"? Do they not "occur"..? Wrong verb, loser!)
"Treat your horse don't be cheap" (Cheap..????? Who's cheap here? I treat my horse at times better than anyone else in my life)
"This for only owners who love treating their horses. Cheap owners don't" (I am not denying the fact that the food YOU sell is not of quality food, but is this the only way to "treat" my horse?
"Ummm maybe that exactly what you need.  Change feed and problems gone." (What problems? My horse was lame earlier this year. Equine vet, who saw the x-rays of the horse's feet, said there are signs of chronic laminitis, but that the horse could be ridden. Shoeing regimen should not be changed right now. Right front foot is little worse that left, but if the horse walks/trots without being lame, she can be ridden)

Me: "Were you drunk yesterday evening when you were texting me?"
- "Yes very drunk"

So it went, and I know it was the drink speaking, but at the same time I wondered if this person is/was a genuine friend at all. Genuine friends do  not do this. 
Horse's workload is pretty light. One 1/2 hour lesson a week and otherwise just hacking out. Once in a blue moon horse and another rider take part in dressage show. No jumping, no cross country. 

Bitter memories remain from that conversation. I am confident of my ability to do what is best for my horse and I don't take this sort of abuse lightly. Someone needs to apologize, and I need to forgive. I don't know how I am going to do that, but somehow I've got to find the way. Trust is gone, that is for sure, and as it says in the article below:

Our words leave the most lasting impression

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