December 30, 2013


Almost at the very end of 2013. New Year just around the corner.
I wish 2014 will bring something good to all of us. Health, happiness, success, new job if that is what you seek. Meet that special person. Travel. Say one kind word to everyone you meet.

Ask me about the plan and New Year's resolutions now and I can't answer. My eyes don't stay open and I am drifting into the dream world. That world where each and every dream comes true. That world, where I get to kiss the man in my dreams, live in a mansion and have no more financial worries. No depression. Something nice and rewarding to do at work. Be relaxed and happy. That special man on my side.
Some of this could exist in the real world too. I just need to start from somewhere.

I've not slept well for the last two weeks. Max. 6 hours a night. Barely making it out of the bed at 5.15am, that is if I do not reach for snooze button. Shower. I wish I could stay there forever under the stream of hot water. 

Fingers crossed sleep will come tonight. Tomorrow is the 31st, and I will probably spend that night in bed too, dreaming of that special man, New Year's resolutions, singing along Avicii's song "Hey brother". Good night from my part of the world.

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