December 11, 2013

Wednesday night fever

Fever, sore throat, cough (productive one... yuck) and runny nose have kept me home and forced me to slow down, temporarily. Given me time to think.
I should have started taking antibiotics on the day when cold symptoms started.
My horse has broken tooth. How did that happen?
Maybe I should not have taken flu vaccine at all? 
Am I too old to go back to university and study something I really want to study?
Am the one leading my life, or is someone/something else leading?
I am thankful for neighbor's orange cat, who comes and visit, cheers me up. Especially when I am sick.
My horse is 20 years old. I was 20 something, when she was born.
Random thoughts.
Next book I'd like to read is "None braver" by Michael Hirsh.
Next country I'd like to visit is Iceland. For the 2nd time.
That guy next door, I really like him.
I could eat waffles, pancakes and rice crispies all day long. All carbs, yes.


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