August 14, 2014

I heard it

Person A: "Can I talk to you for a moment?"
Person B: "Sure yeah c'mon in."
Person A: "Hmmmm that e-mail you sent to Person C. It wasn't quite correct, you know, grammar sucks. Dude."
Person B: "It was meant to be brief, and to the point and it was. Just to get the message across. I ain't saying nothing more about it."
Person A: "Yes, but you can't send those e-mails. They reflect badly on us and do not build trust, or bridges. Or skyscrapers. Bottom line: no more e-mails. Don't argue with me, there is no point in arguing. I don't want to hear your arguments or invalid points or comments or other kind of garbage."
Person B: "Yeah, but man, you sent me mail in the morning asking me to come to your office. That ain't building trust. It's building the tower of annoyance."
Person A: ...................
Person A became speechless and left the room. Not the building.
Soon Person A is back, not physically, but verbally: "Yo man, you want some coffee?"
Person B is stunned and has nothing to say. Dude.
Person A throws in one more attempt: "Are you going anywhere this weekend?"
Person B throws in the towel and begins packing their bags and prepares to leave the building. "Thinkin of going fishin. Possibly."

Names and places have been changed to protect the identity of the two individuals. This war of words took place in the notorious office, that which was recently invaded by aliens. Person A's real identity will probably never be knows as he/she was abducted by the aliens. Person B is no other than our old valued colleague, who at the end of the conversation left the building, only to realize he/she needs to return to work again after weekend. That's life for you.

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