August 09, 2014

One rule for you, one for me

This is how the story goes over and over ago, like a broken record:
This person, who works in an unnamed organization, has it all. Decent salary, authority, freedom to do and decide whatever is convenient à la mode de micromanager. Office with a view, which enables the manager to look for disobedient unruly employees. And yes, there are plenty of them.
In normal fair and equal world all employees, including that notorious micromanager arrive at work and leave on time. In ideal world no micromanagement exist, neither do micromanagers, but then we do not live in an ideal world. We live in a world, where manager decides, manager comes and goes, manager is late, manager lies and hides facts, manager manages and  manager says No. Manager is not respected, well-liked or loved, quite the contrary. This sort of managing style won't help in making friends, but the manager does not realize this. 
Why don't same rules apply? Spending rather a wild weekend, returning from holiday or whatever does not give an employee the right to arrive to work late on Monday morning. But somehow these rules don't apply to the manager. Why???!!! I can honestly say I am always on time at work each morning, unless I am home unconscious, had car accident or something. It is very very rare that my alarm clock does not function. Manager is paid that high salary, and then gets these extra privileges too. Perhaps they are included in the contract? "Thou shall be late every Monday morning" and "Returning from holidays gives you an automatic right to be late or not show up at all". Yes, this must be the case. My contract does not give me these rights, but there are always those privileged ones. Always. That's just the fact of life.
I am disgusted.  

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