November 12, 2015

Bullying is for forever

Isn't it ironic that I chose to write about bullying in one of the university essays, and now bullying is an every day occurrence in my life in one form or another.
Maybe I'm the type of a person, who attracts bullies? This is not the first time, but now I am totally at a loss and can't think of what to do next.
I'm definitely not depressed about this, not yet. I started going to gym, because long periods of sitting in front of the computer made my back hurt. I still go horseback riding and enjoy lots of things in my life, but my feeling is that the end is near. Not an end as such, but maybe a move to another place, another country is an option. Just because it's an option and just because I can do it if I want to. Just because I want to escape the bully that is making my life hell right now.

All I can say is I have to keep my options open, including the fact that I could well be staying here for little longer.

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