November 17, 2015

Working with a psycho and driving amongst fools

Enough is enough.
I don't even know where to start. I slept on the living room sofa last night, news channel in the background. Sometime in the early morning hours I woke up to a sound of TV! Switched it and slept until 5.30am, groggy and disoriented and headed straight to shower. Well, I felt kind of ok then.

Bloody idiots in traffic! It takes me 10-15 minutes to drive to work, but there always a tailgater behind me or someone in front of me driving 20mph. Some of the cars apparently don't have a signal. It does not work when turning left or right, overtaking; it simply does not exist. No matter whether it is Toyota, Lexus or Peugeot, it's always the same. Wouldn't be polite to use the signal when overtaking, not just take off and suddenly cut in front of someone..? I recall writing blog posts about traffic on more than one occasion and it never gets better.

Psychos at work. Did you do this? Did you do that? That same old accusatory tone as always. NO I did not. It was a question about signing some sort of useless document- which I did NOT sign. I said so, adding that "I would not do something that would embarrass you or our department". That's it and then I turned my back and walked out of the psycho's office, nose toward the sky, but at least I did not slam the door shut behind me. This was morning. Then in the afternoon it was as it someone had won a lottery. His face was brighter than the sun and there was no trace of that grumpy old man in the morning. I don't know if it's written in their contracts that they have free rein when it comes to bullying. F..k.
Someone very wise said to me last week that I need to get out of there.

Yeah. I think I agree now. It if's not work that drives me crazy, then it's the traffic.

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