March 23, 2007

Breathwalk in Sandstorm

The storm arrived late yesterday evening, and the sand was everywhere! Computer keyboard, bookshelf, bed linen.. A thin layer of sand covered the living room door. I was outside, could barely see where I was going and the wind tore branches off the trees and wrecked my plants in the garden. Even the flowers were covered with little spots of sand. Breathing in and out, silently repeating Sa Ta Na Ma, was interrupted by the storm. All of a sudden nice walk turned into fast paced run home- there was no way I wanted to turn into a snowman.. no no, wait, into a sandwoman. Only a fool stays outside in a storm like this. I have seen the wind blowing the sand all over the roads until the road becomes part of the sand dunes in a freeway between Sharjah and Dubai, UAE. I've seen the same shamal coloring the sky orange- surreal, silent event- but wait until the wind has gathered its strength. Then the fun begins.
This morning my front yard looked like the desert itself.My bike was covered in sand and dust, the cat's food bowl had flown across the yard, spilling the contents along the way. The ants were busy eating the remains of the Kitekat cat food.
Needless to say, Breathwalk came to an abrupt end yesterday, but i will keep on breathing and walking. Even if I am the only Breathwalker in the desert.

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