March 15, 2007


I passed the advanced cardiac life support course, no less than 100%. No more. Celebrated by buying a new computer- whilst at the computer store i realized how privileged I am truly am, same time last year I had to go to the bank begging for a personal loan to buy a computer. And pay credit card debts.
The time spent and money earned here will probably buy me a new university training too. I received the new prospectus from South Bank University this morning, and the courses look tempting, particularly criminology. Just give me something new, brand new, so I will not need to hear the words "cardiac arrest", "cholesterol" and "coronary artery" ever again. This is not to say anything against the life support course I have just passed, worked hard to pass it- and the knowledge I gained will no doubt be useful.

Withdrawal symptoms come from coffee- once again I woke up tired, unrested this morning and skipped the cup of coffee. Hours and a painkiller later I finally succumbed and had a can of pepsi. Ohhhhh. Nooooo. Just taking baby steps this time. Would depression have anything to do with binge-eating? For sure. I have not yet won the battle between the neutral, negative and positive minds, but I am getting there. Withdrawal from the old life in London too. It does take time to settle in, but sometimes one may forget that. I must say the yoga teacher training in London equipped me with plenty of skills, some of them I recognize only today- and feel deeper gratitude and ever before.

It is hot, but I am going out, clean the front yard. Gardening. +80 F. Sunshine Arabia.

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