March 01, 2007

Stillness lives

Day off. Last night was restless, literally; my legs were still on this constant journey and it took time for them to stop. The telephone rang once at 1030pm, I rushed to answer, but was too late. Today I feel exhausted, the process of weaning myself from coffee proves to be challenging, but I do not want to be dependent on any substance, not the way some colleagues pour six or more cups of coffee down their throats every day. It is their life, I know. The coffee I drank at work for a month or so tasted bitter, just because I thought it would help me fit in. No more.
Sat outside in the sun for an hour or so. It is still pleasantly warm, not that sweat inducing relentless humidity- but the long summer is still ahead of us. Then I fixed the printer, which was buried in the darkness of the wardrobe, but is now alive and working well. Overall I am still tired from last night's adventures. Thank God I said NO to the pain and the painkillers and just waited it out.

Year ago I was a in a better physical shape than I am today. I have let myself go- no control, but knowing that I have already overcome similar scenario once I know I can do it. It was not easy, no one said it was, I believe it.
I might take a nap.. not better moment than the present one.

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