April 09, 2008

Good bye cancer

So many surprises along the way.. So many I have kept hidden, did not want to share just yet. Part of this is because there is quite a distance between London and Dhahran.. and I was depressed too.
I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer again in September 2007- this was the month of the official diagnosis, but I already knew in May 2007. Knew for sure. Don't ask me how, I just knew. Call it intuition, awareness, my own stubbornness, that I insisted on more investigations. Long road to follow, but this is April and I am almost fully recovered. Sadness and depression still linger on, but each day is brighter. Mind you, the treatment is not yet finished, even though it's nearly there. I've got to have RAI- radioactive iodine treatment.
Months ago I said to one of my friends that I was glad I got cancer. It was a blessing in disguise, not the easiest challenge in my life, but not the most difficult one either. It was certainly taught me a lot- life is precious.

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