April 11, 2008


I "broke up" with one of my friends week ago. Her unhealthy habits have been annoying me quite a while, and also my being depressed and in a bad mood has not been a great aid in this. Hmm.. I may have few unhealthy habits too, but when someone close to me smokes, drinks etc I cannot watch it any longer. Towards the end I was making nasty remarks of her lifestyle and she was saying I was not easy to get along with. That's how the vicious circle started, and ended. The clock was ticking. I finally wrote her an e-mail saying her comments about my shopping and over-spending habits were truly unnecessary and unwelcome. The content of the e-mail must have been quite upsetting- when I read it afterward, I found it a tad too harsh, but it was too late by then. We exchanged few more e-mails, but it ended a couple of days ago. I realized perhaps we did not share that many interests after all- I liked my shopping, yoga, raw food diet.. she liked the pub and so on. I wonder if this is the end or if there is something else we can do to fix this? Are we willing to do it?
I think she must have gotten so irritated, angry and frustrated with me and there is no way back. No more weekends in Bahrain, no more shopping trips, no more movies, no more pubs. I wish her all the best despite of all this and hope she will be able to find someone more worthy..

Depression.. Well, one may become intolerable, angry, unpleasant... I guess that's what happened to me and since this went on for quite a while, more than six months, I could hardly ask anyone to be more patient with me.
But.. someone else in the same situation- I would have hang on, would not have left them alone....... I guess I was successful in driving my friend away.

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