April 22, 2008

Weird entertainment

Few years ago there was a construction site just outside my window. When I was at home and felt I had nothing to do, I spent countless hours watching the activities at the site. Someone said to me they are building a shopping mall, but it turned out to be a "decontamination" site. Make of that what you like. All in preparation for a possible war.
Another useless pastime: watching Style Channel. Some programs are worth watching, some are not. Most of them are not, such as "Kimora life in the fab lane" or whatever it is called, "Dress my nest" and "Style her famous".
Then the most irritating video on VH1: Nicole Scherzinger's "Baby love". Oh no, not again, please spare us from listening to her. Not only the song gets on my nerves, but the video too is annoying, most annoying.
Flipping through my Moomin characters calendar.. Haisuli is wondering how to become famous- just do something no one else has ever thought of before.

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