May 25, 2008

Brighter moments

From one continent to another.. Miracles of modern travel. It never ceases to amaze me how well and in comfort we all travel; instead opting for a seven week trek on a camel, an aircraft takes us from A to B, in my case it took less than 7 hours to fly from Bahrain to London. Then on arrival, I thought what have I done, I don't belong here. Luckily this is just my vacation, thanks be to God, and not a long term plan. What I like in London is shopping. Number one materialistic thing, but that's just the way it is. The parks, London Zoo; Kew Gardens- I like them too. What I don't like are the rush hour, crowded trains and buses.. and I 'm not looking forward to the London olympics either. Blessing in disguise, I left London, thought it would not be for good, but it may well be.

Funny incidents in London: rang my friend, who had forgotten I was coming. Rang him several times, sent text messages, finally gave up. Half an hour later he calls- from abroad asking where I am. Our paths crossed again, it has been five years since I've seen him.. Are we meant to meet again, for a cup of Arabic coffee and dates? Our paths crossed at the airport, different terminals, different days, same country. Bad timing.
Every time I read a local newspaper or was watching TV, there was always something that made me giggle. Previously I've never found it so amusing- why all of a sudden now..?
Walking in Soho, towards Soho Square and to the restaurant adjacent to Hare Krishna temple. Somehow thinking that the door is open, why.. amd I walk straight onto the door, banging my nose and forehead. I am almost too embarrassed to walk in to the restaurant, but feeling of hunger wins and the propect of having yummy vegetarian food is hard to resist.

The best of all news: I seem to have conquered cancer! No trace of it anywhere in my body and I feel hmmmm.... different. New. Brand new, detoxified, clean.. the list goes on, but I simply feel good and relaxed about everything now. Paid off all that bad karma?

Thinking of you

Days, months, years have passed
But I have not forgotten
More seconds, minutes, hours pass
I still remember

Incredibly easy to look into your eyes
and fall in love with you
An enormous task to forget you
It ain't easy

Keeping my feet on the ground
Watching the world go by
Awareness and knowledge of you somewhere in my mind
I won't forget.

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