May 29, 2008

From the dentist's chair

Greetings earthling. Are you afraid of a dentist?
Whilst I was on The Chair, many things went through my mind; I can't find my keys. I'm in love, or out of love. I go tomorrow, or maybe not. The sun is shining. I'm feeling tired.
Then finally relaxing silence, which lasted less than a minute, the dental hygienist was back on track and administered the final torture. Why do they ask questions, when you've mouth full of suction tubes, instruments and are about to choke on mixture of saliva and blood? When you try your best to say "I'm just fine here, enjoying my time", they still ask "What, I didn't hear what you said".
I heard it loud and clear- the hygienist is not very happy that I've not been to dentist since 2003, and that there MAY be a cavity. One cavity. Maybe. It wouldn't be so bad, but I've not had cavities, fillings or in general anything wrong with my teeth during this entire time I've spent on the earth. Some tartar yes, but so does my dog, his canine teeth are fast turning into green vampire teeth and this time next year the doggie can visit dental clinic for denture fitting. I don't intend this to so far, my teeth will receive all the help they can get.
Drilling.. I thought that's what they do on oil rigs only. Suctioning.. only for the intubated patients in ICU. Filling.. Possibly when you have to fill in something, not talking about filling cavities.
The answer is yes, I am afraid of a dentist, even if she looks blond and beautiful and innocent. And she does indeed, I already had the pleasure of meeting her. Gimme all you got, sedatives, Valium, general anesthesia.
The next step is x-rays of the affected tooth, then the treatment plan can be developed. But I ain't going there without a sedative, that's for sure.

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